Thin Air Summit – A New Media Conference in the Mile High City


Independent thinking and a spirit of community help makes Colorado a great place to live and work. The area draws world-class new media professionals from every point on the globe.

The Thin Air Summit celebrates Colorado with both hands-on sessions and discussion panels presented by nationally-recognized, local new media professionals. We're limiting attendance to 100, ensuring an intimate, intensive weekend of collaboration, education and community.

Join us!

Featured Speaker: Lucretia Pruitt

Lucretia Pruitt Lucretia Pruitt is an ex-programmer and CIS professor, Lucretia Pruitt (@GeekMommy) left the glamorous world of academia for the fast-paced world of being a stay-at-home-Mom. But once a geek, always a geek. Her blogging habit started back in 1998 and she's had one or more ongoing blogs since. After years wading about in Social Media she discovered Twitter and the unique environment enticed her to jump in both feet first. Now listed on and, her current collaboration with WalMart - as one of their "11 Moms" - was brought about via Twitter.

Keynote: Dave Taylor

Dave Taylor Dave Taylor has been involved with the Internet since 1980 and is widely recognized as an expert on both technical and business issues. He has been published over a thousand times, launched four Internet-related startup companies, has written twenty business and technical books and holds both an MBA and MS Ed. Dave maintains three weblogs, The Business Blog at, focused on business and industry analysis, the eponymous Ask Dave Taylor devoted to tech and business Q&A and The Attachment Parenting Blog, discussing topics of interest to parents. Dave is an award-winning speaker, sought after conference and workshop participant and frequent guest on radio and podcast programs.

Keynote: Jeremiah Owyang

Jeremiah OwyangJeremiah is a Senior Analyst at Forrester Research focused on Social Computing for the Interactive Marketer. In this role he publishes industry reports and provides social media council to clients. He also writes a daily blog called Web Strategy by Jeremiah ( and speaks at Technology, Web, PR, and Marketing conferences about web and media strategy.

Before Forrester, Jeremiah’s was responsible for the strategy and development of corporate web programs at an online media network as the Director of Corporate Media Strategy. Jeremiah founded and lead the Community Marketing program at Hitachi Data Systems and has experience in Web Marketing, Intranets, Extranet and User Interface Design at companies such as Exodus Communications, Cable and Wireless, and World Savings (now Wachovia).

Jeremiah Owyang holds a Bachelors in Marketing from San Francisco State University.

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